Ever Wonder If Hypocondriac's Still Exist?

Ever wonder if hypochondriac’s still exist?  There used to be people who were sure they had whatever illness or disease that they heard about and they would frequent their doctor for the latest treatment for their ailment.  I’m not sure if the diagnosis of hypochondriac was considered a medical diagnosis or a mental illness diagnosis.  In any case, the doctors used  to placate the patient with a “sugar pill”. 


After learning about how detrimental sugar actually is for our health, I find myself wondering if the sugar pills were a harmless way to treat the patient or a method of creating the unhealthy environment within the patient where the illness could form. After all, doctors need patients to support their livelihood.

Do doctors still administer sugar pills or has the sugar pill been replaced with psychotropic drugs? You really don’t hear much about people being diagnosed as a hypochondriac and I wonder if it’s because there is more money to be made with a mental illness diagnosis.  This could generate residual income where a diagnosis that says the patient doesn’t have any illness would be not very profitable.  Are doctors laughing all the way to the bank while patients laugh all the way to the grave?



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